Too Much Information? How Frontline Staff View The Impact of Social Media

The emergence and broad development of new communication channels, especially social media channels, has led to an explosive demand for information.
Air traffic management and air traffic control are complex professional environments – not well known to the general public – where sensitive, dedicated information is handled everyday. As any other tool, social media channels are neither good or bad in themselves, but in the way they are used. They are a fantastic option to spread any message, addressed to a wide audience, in an easy and immediate way.

Social media has become an essential factor for a successful communication strategy. They have enabled us to offer greater visibility about our profession and information broadcast through these channels has become key to ‘educating’ on the specificities of air traffic control: what it is and how it works.
Operational and technical information used in the air transportation environment is not easily understood, however. Passengers may go through eventful experiences: delays, holding patterns, missed approaches, medical or technical emergencies and all this information can be misinterpreted causing public alarm should the correct message fail to be broadcast.

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