EGNOS in Aviation – LPV-200 lands in Europe

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EGNOS offers enhanced vertical precision and integrity, improving accessibility, efficiency, and safety to operators, pilots and airports all over Europe. EGNOS enhances accessibility, by providing increased accuracy and integrity the decision height can be decreased to as low as 200 ft, depending on local geography. With an EGNOS procedure, even small and medium-sized airports and heliports remain accessible in poor weather conditions. Plus, the lower decision height provided by EGNOS may open up approach paths to runway ends previously inaccessible due to local obstacles. In addition, EGNOS provides a cost-effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance yet without the need for costly infrastructure. The increased vertical accuracy provided by EGNOS means improved safety, reducing the occurrence of Controlled Flight into terrain by as much as 75%, and acting as backup system for approaches into airports that already offer precision approaches.